Dressing for your engagement session

Dressing for your engagement session


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The Color Wheel!

I encourage using the color wheel for inspiration.  If you are looking for something to pop. Try opposites. Don’t think so? Consider how good blue and red look together.


Be YOU!  Dress the way you like to dress. Better yet, dress in your favorites!

Coordinating isn’t the same thing as matching. It’s better to choose one color and coordinate everyone’s clothing around it, such as different shades of the color or intertwine that one color into the clothing of each person. (Use the color wheel above)

Don’t be afraid of patterns! They can be super fun. If you do choose a pattern though make sure you stay away from too many busy patters and throw in some solid colors on others to balance out the image. Stay away from large logos, etc. We don’t want anything to pull the attention away from you and your family.

Don’t be afraid to be BOLD! Beautiful, bright colors are awesome and really add pop to a photo.

LAYERS: I love scarves and sweaters, etc. You can get a few different feels from just one outfit by layering.

Shoes: I wear heels all of the time. I would absolutely wear them in a photo. But would I wear them walking across a park, through the grass to location A, B and C? No! not likely. The solution: wear flats and bring some heels with you. You can change into them before we snap the picture.

Make me Skinny! Unfortunately, I don’t have a secret for taking away any excess weight. But I do have a few tricks for you and you can rest assured that when shooting I know how to accentuate the positive.

  • If you are subconscious about your arms, try wearing long or 3/4 length sleeves. They are very flattering.
  • Avoid foods that are high in salt or fat two to three days in advance of your session. This will minimize any bloating.

Glasses: If people wouldn’t recognize you without your glasses, then you definitely want to wear them. The glare on glasses can sometimes detract from your eyes in the photos. We will try our best to avoid that glare but sometimes it is impossible to control. Tips for dealing with that include: popping your lenses out of the frames (if you are comfortable doing this) or purchasing an inexpensive pair at the local dollar store and popping out those lenses.

Hair: Schedule haircuts at least one-two weeks before your session. (Just in case!)

Nails: A fresh coat of nail polish will do wonders for your photos. Want barefoot photos? Make sure everyone’s toe nails are clipped and clean!

Lips: Over the course of a session, your lips may need a touch-up. The goal is that you will love your last picture as much as your first picture. We can take a break for you to reapply the gloss/lip stick.

Don’t stress! I promise this will be fun. You don’t have to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe to look amazing in your photos. Check out my tips below, developed from what I have learned as a photographer over the years. And if you want to go shopping…I can help with that too. Enjoy this! And don’t forget you can text me a wardrobe idea at any time!

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