“Falling” In Love: Baltimore, Maryland Engagement Photographer

“Falling” In Love: Baltimore, Maryland Engagement Photographer

Natalie and Adam are so sweet together. I can’t wait until their wedding next June.  We did their engagement session at one of my favorite places. Cylburn Arboretum is full of nature and life and really cool trees. It’s a perfect location to celebrate an engagement. We searched for a very specific tree (and never did find it). But I think the trees were found were pretty great, especially my all time favorite one that I’m sure you will recognize from other sessions I have done there.  Oh and check out the beautiful ring that Adam designed just for his bride to be.. Natalie loved those flowers that it is laying on.

I had so many favorites, it was hard to choose for the blog. Make sure you give them some love in the comments.

Adam and Natalie, I hope you love your sneak peek. Thank you for choosing me to document your day.




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