Home Run Love!: Baltimore, MD Engagement Photographer

Home Run Love!: Baltimore, MD Engagement Photographer

I had such a great day with April and Evan. We started out at Camden Yards for their Engagement Session. These ultimate fans will be marrying there this September. What a thrill for this O’s fan to take some photos of this gorgeous couple in the Oriole’s dugout and on the field. We finished the session at the Inner Harbor. It was an awesome day getting to know them. We had a little bit of wind, but they handled it like pros and I think you will agree we ended up with some beautiful pictures. Now for one of my my favorite parts, the blog peek coupled with their answers to my five questions. (They haven’t seen each other’s answers yet which is also fun!) These two actually met on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. So this seemed like a perfect day to preview their E-Session. April and Evan, it was such a great day. I hope you enjoy your blog peek! I can’t wait for your wedding this September. Thank you for choosing me to document this amazing time in your lives.



How did you meet?

From the Bride:

We met at my friend Allison’s (also my maid of honor) birthday party. The birthday party was planned by her then boyfriend at a club in Hampton, Va about a hour and a half away from where Allison and I live. I definitely wasn’t expecting to meet my future husband there. (Evan at the time was in the army, placed at a base close to Hampton)¬†

From the Groom:

April and I met at her friend Allison’s birthday party, we hit it off immediately. It happened to be St. Patricks Day weekend so we spent the rest of the weekend drinking green beers and celebrating. It was a really great weekend. (Happy Anniversary Guys!)

5X9A9164 FINAL blog

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When did you know this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

From the Groom:

April and I had been dating for awhile, when I got orders to go to Japan for a three week training mission. SInce we began dating we never went more than a day or two without seeing each other. During those three weeks I have never missed somebody as much as I missed April. It was during that time I think I realized I could not imagine not being with her or not having her in my life.

From the Bride:

I don’t think there was one exact moment that it clicked, that this is definitely the person I want to spent the rest of my life with. But I do remember there was a night I was watching him while he was sleeping and I thought to myself, “This could be it. He could be the one. I could see being happy with him forever.” It was a moment early on in our relationship when it was still “new”. ¬†Evan confirms it for me, not even trying on a daily basis that he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. He’s so thoughtful. He goes out of his way to make me happy or keep me from stressing out anytime he can. I feel extremely lucky to have found him.

Ring blog

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Describe the proposal for us!

From the Groom:

It was our two year anniversary and we planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico. I proposed on the beach in a cabana, luckily it was a clear night so the stars and moon made it pretty romantic. I like to think it was a surprise but I think she knew it was coming lol!

From the Bride:

Evan proposed to me on a moonlit night on a Cancun beach. It was a private proposal. I could tell he was nervous because he kept repeating himself over and over. He had a short and sweet speech prepared that was straight to the point. That I heard a few times while he was waiting for a cabana boy to finish folding up chairs on the beach on front of us to leave before he actually popped the question.

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5X9A9210-2 Blog Peek

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What is it that you love about this person?

From the Groom:

There are so many things I love about April. She’s funny, smart, easy to talk too, and obviously beautiful. One of the big things I love about April though is how caring and giving she is. She is always willing to help and never expects anything in return. The way she always puts others needs first, for example the way she single handily took care of her grandfather at such a young age just amazes me. It is just really comforting knowing that April will always be there for me no matter what.

From the Bride:
I love everything about Evan. I love that he loves me unconditionally as I do him. I love the person he is. I love the husband he is going to be, the father he is going to be. I love that he is beautiful person inside and out.

5X9A9321 blog

What are you most looking forward to?

From the Bride:

I’m most looking forward to us spending the rest of our lives together. The adventures will go on. The memories we will make. The good times, the bad times. Everything.

From the Groom:

I think I am most looking forward to seeing April walk down the aisle in her wedding dress and knowing from that point on I’ll be able to call the person I want to spend the rest of my life with my wife.

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Evan got a chance to check out the photos and trophies up in the Club level.

5X9A9216 blog

And of course we had to get some pictures with Evan’s favorite player, #8!

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After doing this for a while I’ve come to realize that the moment right before a kiss reveals so much about a relationship between two people. It’s one of my favorite photos to take. You can see it here, the keys to a successful marriage: love, humor, trust and happiness.

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April and Evan 1 Facebook Preview final

Lindsay-Daiga E Session - Blog Resolution005

Lindsay-Daiga E Session - Blog Resolution003

Lindsay-Daiga E Session - Blog Resolution004



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