“If I had it to do again”: Where Brides Would Spend More of Their Budget

“If I had it to do again”: Where Brides Would Spend More of Their Budget

Recently I conducted a small survey of brides (married within the last two years) to determine their satisfaction with their wedding photography. The brides lived all over the country and none were clients of Melissa Grace Weddings. They didn’t receive anything for participating, it was strictly voluntary.  I was intrigued by what I read as I looked over the results and comments. 50% would have spent more on their wedding photographer, 10% would have spent less and 40% would have spent the same.  What I found most interesting was that the results were confirmed by New York Magazine when they launched an article in their 2013 Summer issue called “What Brides Would Have Done Differently”.  In that survey it revealed that photography was at the top of the list for what they would have spent more money on.  There is something to be said about quality and long lasting photos.  The night you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, your flowers won’t be with you, your dress will likely be yellowed and in a box somewhere, your cake will have been eaten long ago and sadly loved ones may have left us long before. But because you will have images of everything that didn’t last through time, those special photos will make it possible for you  to relive your once in a lifetime day!

brideregretsInfo-Graphic courtesy of New York Magazine.

Popular responses from my survey about what brides would have done differently also included:

  • Having a list of poses and sharing them with the photographer before the wedding day
  • Having more formal photos taken with family and extended family
  • Appointing someone to make sure the photographer got the shots they wanted

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime day.  Make it everything you want. Check out the full article to see what other brides would have done differently! “What These Brides Would Do Differently”

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