“We had a unique wedding experience. We had a very intimate Church ceremony in New York and then went to the Caribbean for a destination wedding and reception. Having Melissa as our photographer for all the events (she was also there for our rehearsal, too) was one of the best decisions we made. I strongly recommend her services not only for weddings, but any event that a professional photographer is preferred.

She began with a very thorough questionnaire that covered EVERYTHING! From first pictures, to group shots, to asking about any medical conditions or family feuds that she should be aware of! When you’re planning your wedding and have a million things to think of, it’s great to have a professional that knows the questions to ask that you didn’t even think of! She’s extremely organized and an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s things like that that made all the difference. She really cares about what you want, making you happy, and making a stress free experience. The pictures were beautiful and you can’t beat the value. I know many people that spent thousands more and their pictures didn’t come out nearly as good as ours did!”  – Meagan C.

NYC to STT    

“Melissa Grace Photography did an amazing job for us. Traveling with us from our wedding in New York to our destination reception in St. Thomas, Melissa was there for it all. I always felt like we were in great hands with a team so organized. Melissa kept close attention to all the little things that I didn’t even know to ask about. She is truly a pro. The level of the work is excellent and the actual pictures were as well. I would recommend MGP to anyone. Thanks again MGP from the both of us! ” – Will S.

DC/ Bmore HIRE MGP!   

“I was the bride and one day was driving down the interstate in NYC after having a discussion about wedding stuff with my future in-laws. On the interstate, I saw Melissa’s car with her website on it and thought – hmm, maybe it’s a sign! Well, it was a great sign for me and we met with her. Extremely professional and well-organized, she thinks of things that you could never possibly have thought of – which takes a great deal of strain off of you! Our engagement session was wonderful and showed us how easy she was to work with. She even had our dogs doing whatever she wanted! They were the best pictures we’ve ever had taken – honestly. The day of the wedding I was so stressed out, but remember thinking – Gosh, thank G-d for this woman who has it 500% more together than I do! The pictures are, of course, fantastic, and we get incredible compliments on them all the time. No cheesy poses or embarrassing shots, these are pictures we will be glad to have for the many years to come. I will have her do future photos of our family for sure.” – Ann T.

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